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Last night

Returned from work to find no-one else around. Lorna off at funeral of grandmother, archie presumably taken Tanaqui back to her house. It was good to be able to relax, and so I did. Rewatched 'Mallrats' as planned, while eating cheese and olives on toast. Confirmed my memory that it wasn't actually very good, only saved by sporadically likable performances from people playing basically obnoxious characters. Rewatched 'Clerks' too, in case. Confirmed my opinion that it was much better, if amateurish and clunky in places. Characters also well played, but actually somewhat realistic with worthy aspects this time. Felt affirmed in both the slackness of my lifestyle, and the importance of love and friendship. Also felt like breaking in my new hash-pipe, that I bought on a whim from 'Tigerlily' last week. Gasp! CAPAlert was right: I am a weak-willed puppet of Hollywood.

Sat and smoked for a bit. Decided to clean the bathroom ('Reefer Madness', anyone?). I'd bought some bleach and cleaner from the Co-Op on the way back from work for just such an eventuality, but wasn't expecting to use them at 11:30 at night. Still, slapped 'The Foo Fighters' first album on the stereo in my room, cranked it up and got to work. Removed algae from the cracks between the tiles around the bath, soap gunk from the edges, dust from the shelves, preliminary layers of limescale from the bath itself (dark brown, in a hard water area. Thank you, the '70s.) CD finished. Went back, put on the first 'Presidents Of The USA' album. Smoked a little more. Mused that both albums I'd chosen were eponymous debuts. Returned to bathroom. Preliminary scrub of sink. Second layer of limescale removed from bath. Started to feel a little light-headed. Attemped to hose down bath with shower, realising only after I'd switched it on that it was duct-taped into the shower holder after the latter broke a month or so ago, and hence just sprayed over one half of the bath, and part of the bathroom floor. Attempted to adjust the shower, succeeding only in diverting the flow from the floor to run down my arm into my t-shirt. Finally switched off shower, with no damage done but for soggy t-shirt and giggles. Decided a lie down was in order. Left bathroom looking a tip, with things including shower curtain, shirt and damp t-shirt strewn throughout. Vaguely hoped that no-one would return home before I got up. Lay in bed, listening to the rest of the 'Presidents'. Remembered to switch off stereo (vital, otherwise it doesn't come on in the morning and wake me up). Woke up at 3 after vivid (and now completely forgotten) dream, and realisation I was still half-dressed. Fumbled off most of clothes. Slept the sleep of the successful.

Now I just have to do the toilet.
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