Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

Preserved Ephemera

  • 23:04 2nd shift uneventful, despite the arrest of two drug dealers & a lunatic, & the security guards dancing to the chimes of the ice cream van. #
  • 23:12 *Ben Folds*
    Fun & undeniably talented, if self-indulgent & suffering by comparison to Ben Folds Five. Dr. Dre cover entertained & appalled. #
  • 23:16 *The Gossip*
    Only caught the end of their set, but really enjoyable. Lead singer had infectious fun hugging crowd & dancing with security. #
  • 23:28 *The Editors*
    All good solid indie, reminiscent of The Killers (of whom I am fond.) Nevertheless I found myself ungrabbed and bailed out. #
  • 23:37 *Fun Lovin' Criminals*
    A beer & chilled-out hip-hoppy jazz (/ jazzy hip hop?) turned out to be just what I needed. Relaxingly invigorating. #
  • 23:40 *The Fratellis*
    On paper, much like the The Editors; in practice, much more engaging & dancable. Reminded me of early Oasis, in a good way. #
  • 23:43 *Kings Of Leon*
    Rhythm'n'blues noodling would be perfect for a sunny afternoon, but lacked the energy needed to engage people up since 6am. #
  • 23:47 Addictied to Twittering, I dash back to the tent to pick up my mobile. It's further & muddier than expected, but fun exercising my crowd-fu. #
  • 23:55 Alabama 3 gig delayed by sound-check, then speeches against injustice from Mojo. They didn't alter my views, but at least they were short... #
  • 01:12 *Alabama 3*
    Maybe *the* band best suited to a smokey late-night gig on Glastonbury's 'radical politics' stage. The pefect end to our night. #
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