Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

Hypothesis confirmed!

Every so often, for no discernible reason, I will be suddenly inspired to do something (somewhat) creative, such as making a cake, writing something strange, or customising some clothing. I like to indulge such urges, not least because I know from past experience that they rapidly dissipate if ignored, leaving a vacuum which soon fills with self-disappointment and ennui. That is why, when yesterday's hypothesis sprang to mind, I had little choice but to act.

The inspiration came from two sources:
  1. tinyjo telling me that I needed sandals to go with my shorts (made from cut-off Levis, debuted on holiday in Las Vegas holiday, and quite possibly the first time she'd ever seen me in short trousers.) At the time, I was dubious.

  2. Buying some new army surplus boots on a lunchtime expedition with archie and wondering what to do with my old, knackered ones. It seemed a waste to throw them away, but I know from Oxfam bookshop experience that it's even more of a waste to donate to charity things that are too knackered to be of any use.

With tinyjo out drinking with her feisty female friends, I had nothing better to do, so I rummaged through the tool box and went outside with the boots, a hacksaw, a kitchen knife and some misappropriated fabric scissors. After a few hours and a few injuries (most of my projects cost a little blood. I'm not the most dexterous of people, and my tendency to use whatever tools are to hand regardless of suitability doesn't help.) I was done, despite the (welcome) distractions of rain, cat, guest, girlfriend, Guitar Hero, etc.

The results? Well, I'm not cross-posting this to stylishly_yours, but I am quite pleased with them, and I think I'll be trying them out at Glastonbury in a few weeks time.

Tags: arts and crafts, boots
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