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Zombie Language

As you may have heard (and indeed seen) on Radio 4, Lorna has embarked on another of her foolhardy yet fun attempts to bring Classics to the masses. It's Latin In The Parks, the park in question is Oxford's South Park, and it's from 2-3pm this Sunday (27th April) and, if all goes to plan, every subsequent Sunday. This promises* to be most exciting live event to hit South Park since Radiohead in 2001, but after having the first one recorded for national radio Lorna's worried that this session will be a bit of an anti-climax so she'd love to get as many participants as possible. Perhaps I will see you there...

ETA: If it's raining, the plan is to decamp to the Port Mahon for 'Latin in the Pub'.

* This promise is not officially endorsed by The Iris Project
Tags: classics, iris, latin in the park
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