Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

Preserved Ephemera

  • 19:45 Crispy aromatic duck & beer, then Tim Powers short stories & lovely music. I realise that this wasn't a shit day, it just started badly... #
  • 20:11 *Mewgatz*
    Smart sweet staccato glitchy geeky songs. I see now that *all* singer-songwriters need a cheap keyboard backing track & FX pedals. #
  • 20:14 "My name's Phil, & this is a song about what it's like when someone dies & you wonder what it would be like to go with them. Happy Friday." #
  • 20:43 *Phil McMinn*
    Plaintive, soaring, anthemic; with lyrics I was singing by the 2nd chorus. He even got away with just a guitar & FX pedals... #
  • 21:22 Language gap: "Hello! People at the bar, or you nice ladies & gentlemen in the audience, do you have some...paper...that we can sweat into?" #
  • 21:54 *Efterklang*
    7 Danes, many more instruments. Charming, warm, lush, loud, unpredictable, sometimes twitchy or spikey; like a cat on your lap. #
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