Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

Minty Fresh?

For some reason my Oxfringe comedy night Twittering escaped the LiveJournal killing jar. In retrospect, as what happens is I use my mobile phone to send text to a number which puts my words on a website from which they are aggregated once per day by a second website which reformats them then emails them to a third website where they are displayed, it's surprising that it works as often as it does...

Anyway, I thought I'd do this manually instead, because it was a fun evening watching stand-up comedy in a pub attic with a friendly crowd, including Dan WNLJ and half of bluedevi.

  • 'Minty Fresh' stand-up:
    Izzie Lawrence
    "I'm an atheist because God hates girls."
    Buddhist souls as a renewable energy source for Hell.
  • Sassy Clyde
    Looks like Faith out of Buffy, delivers expressive observational comedy with confidence & charm.
  • Izzie Lawrence (compere)
    She would like to climb inside Jeremy Irons' mouth. We are unconvinced. She mimes it. We remain unconvinced.

  • George Chopping
    Lanky guy reads comic poems about Sainsburys, pets & punting. Risky, but his main problem is laughter swamping punchlines.

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