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I have to say, it was a good day

Yesterday rocked:
  • Productive day at work, including successfully training some clients

  • Met up with tinyjo in a bookshop and browsed for an hour

  • Wandered to Los Iguanas, for:
    • Experimental choice of starters (calamari and seviche), both ridiculously nice.

    • Belly of pork braised in orange and smoked jalapeno sauce, also excellent.

    • Chocolate banoffee pie and a margarita, the dessert of champions.
    ...all served by a super cute waitress.

  • Leisurely cycle home.

  • Tea and reading in bed.

  • Teh h0t se><0rs.

  • Falling asleep hugging, listening to our new comedy CD and giggling.
More of my days should be like that.

And, thinking about it, they totally can be.

Tags: reminiscing/boasting
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