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A disappointment

Once more I return. I think the problem is that previously in this job I had such vast gulfs of time that I was able to post vast updates. Now I've actually started having to work (to an extent), I feel like I've got no time for LJ. On reflection, however, I realise that I can produce something pithy and readable in 10 minutes. Like everyone on my friends list does (Honourable exception: writingstatic). So, I shall sally forth with this new mind-set.

And then disappoint myself, if no-one else, by posting Yet Another Bloody TestTM result. I have an excuse, though. My mate Neal (inexplicably not on LiveJournal (weirdo)) recently watched 'Mallrats' and declared me identical to Brodie in all significant aspects. So when I saw the 'Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?' test, I just had to find out if he was right. And:

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You have a genius intellect and an awesome sense of humor. You can sarcastically put someone in their place without batting an eye. Your only problems seem to be that you have trouble acknowledging your true feelings and you may use your humor as a defense to hide what you are really feeling. But, your godliness overpowers any insignificant flaws you may have. Even if you tend to pass gas during very inconvenient moments.
Take The "Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?" Quiz!!


So I went back through the test and changed literally about half of the answers, as more than usual didn't give options that were completely appropriate. Sure enough, I got Brodie again. So, Neal, your suspicions are confirmed by the all-knowing internet. Guess I'll have to rewatch 'Mallrats' now. I don't recall being very impressed the first time, but having seen 'Clerks' without having heard anything about it beforehand and been mightily impressed, it was bound to seem underwhelming by contrast, I guess.

Oh, and on a peripherally related note, watch the 'Clerks' cartoon. There were only about 5 episodes made as far as I know, but they rock. Watched whilst too hung-over to do anything, and still laughed. They had a retrospective episode with flashbacks to the previous episodes as the second episode. Ace. The comic was pretty good as well.

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