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It's still January. Just.

I finally got round to doing that thing where you post the first line of the first post of each month of last year. So here's my 2007 in a nutshell:

January: Resolution 1 (of some): Job: So, I've decided on at least one resolution: to get a new job.

February: Pride: January brought a number of reasons to be proud:

March: Resolution round-up: I've realised that I didn't post a follow-up to most of my New Year's Resolutions, so here goes:

April: Odd at work: My workplace is perhaps a little strange.

May: Mo' Money Making: So, undoubtably you were impressed by my previous ingenious money-making scheme.

June: Posted using sms_to_lj...: This is a test of my Glastonbury live-blogging capability.

July: The meaning of life: 'A fairy's pube': Ganked from white_hart's here:

August: Playing dressing up: tinyjo wandered in while I was playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas last night and caught me engaged in a rather embarrassing activity: clothes shopping.

September: Oneiromancy: Last night I had a dream.

October: Literate: In an out-of-hours bookshop, drinking pink champagne, listening to readings from poets & writers.

November: Twittering: I believe that was the quintessential IKEA experience: buying a couple of things we hadn't planned on, and failing to get one that we had...

December: Twittering: She says I'm great in bed.

So, work & festivals, introspection & comedy, memes & dreams, decadence & domestication, computer games & sex. Seems pretty representative, really.
Tags: meme, meta-post, restropective

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