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Listen up, here's the plan. Well, a plan

As I mentioned before, tinyjo and I plan to visit Americaland this year. Between us, we have formulated a nascent plan. Before we commit to anything, though, I thought I'd lay it out here and allow a couple of days for people in the know to say, for example, "No, you fools! No-one without expertise in firearms could drive through Maryland and live to tell the tale!" or "If you arrive a day earlier you could come to my party." or "I had somehow missed your original poll, but would like to take this opportunity to express my interest in sleeping with at least one of you after all." Also, if you offered (or would like to offer) theoretical crash space, now's the time to say how likely that's looking in practice.

Here's the plan as it stands currently. If you do have any warnings or promises along those lines, please speak up...

LondonBaltimorePlane14 May
BaltimoreTorontoCar17 May
TorontoChicagoCar20 May
ChicagoLas VegasPlane22 May
Las VegasSan FranciscoCar29 May
San FranciscoLondonPlane04 June
Tags: americaland, holiday, ndafest
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