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Busy busy busy

Things to do this week:
- Help arrange Caption, a small-press comics convention taking place this weekend (inc. writing witty pieces for programme, organising things on the day, running the art auction, etc.)
- Discover why ceiling of room is leaking.
- Be supportive towards Archie.
- Keep my girlfriend Jo happy while she lives with me for the week to look for a house in Oxford and help out with Caption.
- Become a year older.

Tasks completed:
- See Rock Of Travolta play live.
- Buy Rock Of Travolta 'my band is better than yours.' t-shirt.
- Surf the net lots.
- Watch 'Space', in which Sam Neil spouts ill-though-out astronomical generalities and lies, whilst using CGI to appear AS A GOD to the impressionable.

Autobiographical Fact #3:
My job requires about an hour's work a day, offers unlimited net access and is 10 minutes cycle away from home. If I was allowed to turn up later than 9:30, it would be absolutely fucking perfect.
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