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Show your face

So, it looks as if tinyjo and I are going to be visiting Americaland again next year. We'll be spending the week of Memorial Day (24th - 30th May, give or take) in Las Vegas. For a week or two before or after that, we will be embarking on a Great American Roadtrip. The plan, such as it is, is to hire a big convertible and drive around visiting people. If you can read this, you are people (or an unusually smart spambot, which is cool too). If you are also going to be somewhere in America in this period and fancy meeting me and tinyjo, now is your chance to say so:

Poll #1094744 CLICK HERE AND MEET A BRIT!!!*

Yes, I will probably be in America between May and June 2008, and would like to meet up with you and tinyjo to:

hang out and chat (and swoon at your adorable accents)
drink a drink or several (and introduce you to American delicacies like 'lite beer' and 'Mad Dog')
go for a meal somewhere (and share our unique cuisine like buffalo wings and, I don't know, rattlesnake legs probably)
show you round my neighborhood (or at least those bits of it that I think you'll survive)
visit something cultural (like an art gallery or an unusually large ball of twine)
do something outdoorsy (like being eaten by a bear in a national park or dying of exposure up a mountain)
do something cool (like going to a gig or club or whatever it is that youngsters do these days)
offer you some crash space for a night or two
sleep with at least one of you
supply you with (some of) the drugs you'll need to have the full Hunter S. Thompson American roadtrip experience
murder you

... and also to:

I'll be in this bit of America at the time:

I will probably be at NDAFest or whatever the hell it's called


I should clarify that we will totally be paying for our share of the above (if we see you before we go to Vegas, anyway...)

* Subject to terms, conditions, plans, logistics, etc. Brit not guaranteed.
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