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Coughing up pellets

In my most recent performance review, I was told that I'm 'not a finisher'. One sign that I'm in the right job is that this was followed by 'That's a trait that a lot of intelligent people have' rather than '...except for your career , that is.' Nevertheless, it's completely correct. I get ideas, start them, and then lose interest. Fuck, I have unfinished Twitter posts. 140 characters of ephemera, but they still need just a little bit of tweaking before they're ready.

So, vaguely in the spirit of NaNoWriMo, and rather more directly in the spirit of j4 (who has been posting once per day in November to address a similar problem) I'm going to try actually finishing some of the many partial posts currently languishing in my mind or on my PDA. I don't want to seem like I'm copying j4 though, so rather than posting something witty, poetic or intriguing, I'm going to post some pictures of owls what I found on the internet. True to form, this is actually me starting something new rather than finishing anything off, but my hope is that it will remind me that it's possible to write and post something without spending all evening (or more) dithering about it, and to plug some things I like reading while I'm at it. If I get this done - with references - in the time that it takes tinyjo to watch an episode of The West Wing (thank the goddess for Bluetooth headphones), I will reward myself with a fruit beer ('Fruli - the highbrow cider and black')

Owl Drama II

From sporadically entertaining internet humour site Something Awful's recent Photoshop Phriday of video game anagrams. Previous phot-owl-shops (do you see what I did there?) include bears and god.

Sad Owl Lady

From the consistently hilarious Adventures In Stock Photography (syndicated here: adstockphoto), brainchild of the unsurprisingly similarly hilarious internetsdairy.

Burrowing Owls

They had a bit part in tinyjo's Life Of Mammals DVD. I suspect that they're actually Mountweazels, made up by David Attenborough and filmed with the help of mice filled with iron filings and holes with magnets in the bottom. Every other reference to them clearly results from people taking Mr. Attenborough to be an unimpeachable source and ripping him off. His revenge will come. He's just biding his time, like a North American Copyright Enforcement Weasel (as seen in Life Of Mammals, Episode 11: 'Litigators').

O Realley Owle

Medieval memery from cleanskies, producer of beautiful comics and official hostess with the mostest. Also, an owl fan, so this one goes out to you...

I didn't actually finish this within my self-imposed time limit, but you have to admit there's no [citations needed], so I awarded myself the beer anyway.
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