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Back. Again

OK. I was going to mark my return to the wonderful world of live-journaling with some sort of [mega/meta]-update detailing, in entertainingly concise and v. cyberpunk sentence fragments, everything that's happened to me in the past month. However, I find myself at work at 7:00pm on Friday, and felt the need to write something, but am not nearly up to doing anything as complicated as the above. Here, instead, is how things are:
- I am drunk. We left for a departmental Christmas meal at 11:30am, and I'm the only one who's returned to work, as I left my bike and shit here, and I wanted to check my email, use the phone, and steal some loo roll to feed Lorna's insatiable habit.. Frankly, if it wasn't for the expectations of effort, however minimal, it would be pretty cool here: free net access, free phone calls, free email. Can't complain. It's even better when you've had nearly bottle of wine, a couple of pints of Old Peculier (sic.) and a rather nice margarita from Beat Café.
- Things could be a lot worse. I'm not saying everything's peachy keen, but, frankly, a number of the people that I'm closest to are going though times significantly shitter than mine. This could sound smug, but it's actually intended to be both
a) thankful, and
b) hopeful that I can improve matters for the others.
- I'm sitting in a deserted office, listening to music in both ears (a rare treat. I normally feel obliged to leave on ear free when I'm in a situation in which people might actually legitimately need to interact with me, though if I'm listening to decent music then still need to kick the back of my chair before I notice them trying to communicate.)

Sorry this isn't particularly significant. I'll do something better on Monday. Maybe.

Peace. Out.
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