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  • 21:52 *Spiderwoods* Take the best bits of folk music and of goth music. Spiderwoods are the bits you have left. I'm /so/ glad we only saw 2 songs. #
  • 22:43 *Last Days Of Lorca* Spikey guitars, complex drums, high vocals, muffled or mopey lyrics, feedback... they are *very* Muse. Which is good... #
  • 23:58 *The Evenings* Skittery backing track + percussive electric double-bass + FX-laden keyboards + driving drums + sweet high vocals = big tunes #
  • 00:14 I think I'm getting the hang of combining Twitter, LoudTwitter and LiveJournal to do what I want. The internet kicks ass. I <3 the future#
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