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  • Thu, 00:23: RT @SartorialThug: Fewer https://t.co/iCBf4PyHmn
  • Thu, 00:38: RT @GalaxyKate: All prepositions, which, when paired with "fuck", are semantically meaningful: Fuck up Fuck off Fuck with Fuck over Some o…
  • Thu, 00:49: RT @ArenaFlowers: Tip: Stuck in an area without Wi-Fi? Replicate the experience of being on Social Media by simply honking like a goose int…
  • Thu, 01:06: RT @isabelzawtun: You think I care about losing followers? Buddy in my day we wrote a 3 paragraph blog post to NOBODY and we freakin loved…
  • Thu, 06:47: RT @Moudhy: What survives of the past is things, so it's easy to forget the people behind them whose lives, loves, worries, and wants might…
  • Thu, 06:47: RT @nixcraft: https://t.co/gUBgQdeUhv
  • Thu, 06:58: RT @zanopticon: nothing has ever been more American than this email from a government agency identifying itself as "disaster customer servi…
  • Thu, 11:16: RT @joncstone: the coronavirus pandemic is a reasonably standardised test of state capacity across different counties... the British state…
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