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  • Thu, 00:06: RT @evan_greer: You literally just announced that you are going to collaborate with law enforcement and let them spy on free Zoom calls whi…
  • Thu, 00:07: RT @APZonerunner: Wow, Lego has now gone a step further and is pulling down all the marketing for any sets they have that are based around…
  • Thu, 07:54: RT @TheShaunNavarro: BEAUTIFUL! Heartwarming photo shows bear joining salmon for a swim in a act of solidarity https://t.co/NSLgFO0kfs
  • Thu, 08:00: RT @NaomiKritzer: "It's only TEAR GAS if it comes from the Gaseux Region of France, otherwise it's just Sparkling Mass Repression at the Ha…
  • Thu, 08:10: RT @harriscsmith: Burning Down a Police Station has like a 14% higher approval rating that the president https://t.co/uilJMuVxIm
  • Thu, 09:29: RT @loresjoberg: This is hilarious and true. Conservatives: If leftists win there will be no dissent allowed. Everyone will be forced to p…
  • Thu, 11:15: RT @SimpsonPike: Ok... where do we start? This is a university that has an annual "Africa" themed ball called Bongo Ball where the rich whi…
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