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Halloween. Everywhere.

Sitting here at work in my Alex from 'Clockwork Orange' costume (well, just the shirt, trousers and mascara. I'm not wearing the hat and cod-piece at my desk...) As I suspect, everyone else in the department who agreed to come in costume was lying. Most admitted it was just to get other people to come in costume. So, am I gullible for thinking that the others might actually join in, a show-off for coming in costume even though I suspected that I'd be the only one, or what? I'm not that bothered, just a bit disappointed, really. More bizarrely, at lunch (to which I took cane and hat to preclude questions about why I was dressed like this) one person thought I was Martin Bell, and another Chris Eubank. I mean, CHRIS EUBANK? Why on earth would I dress as a black boxer? And why, even were I to choose to, would I do so by wearing all white with a bowler hat and carrying a cane? And this was from a pretty SF-literate woman (the only person I've found at work who likes 'Cleopatra 2525'). I dunno, maybe I should have worn the cod-piece to lunch, too. It just didn't seem very... tasteful.

Ah well. Saw 'The Trial' last night, which was great, though marred by the fact that they'd only set aside one ticket, so poor Jo, who wasn't at her most cheerful anyway, was left behind. At least she could go to the pub and meet the others, but I did feel kind of pointlessly guilty. Wrote my review this morning, only to find that I couldn't send mail to Daily Info from my work account. Dunno why. Sent it from Ferret (my unix account) instead, and as a result they appear to have decided to display it in a fixed width font and full of line-breaks. Either they're attempting to be true to my original vision, or they've just slapped it up without reading the damn thing...

It's Halloween, and the clocks going back has meant that I have now to cycle home in the dark. The short-cut home is down by the river and canal and hence has no street-lights. I really ought to get some lights for my bike. I hadn't thought about it before, but I think I am actually somewhat scared of the dark. I guess I only experienced man-made dark while growing up, not proper dark: uncontained, unknown, untrustworthy. I credit the Japanese horror film 'Ring' with reviving my fear (after watching that, every so often I had to sleep with the lights on), but I don't think it was ever particularly deeply buried...

OK, time to go. OUSFG shenanigans and Halloween spookiness (including the opening of a Hellmouth in North Oxford courtesy of Sonia, our local French witch and force of nature) to look forward to. Wish me luck...
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