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  • Sun, 16:44: RT @nathanwpyle: https://t.co/jEwCkx55DR
  • Mon, 08:02: RT @emilylinka: Just in case you’re wondering if women’s clothing sizes are bullshit... Today I’m wearing XS, M, XL, size 14 & size 16. T…
  • Mon, 08:07: RT @lunasorcery: anyone telling you that the name of your project is unimportant should try googling for how to do masks in GIMP
  • Mon, 08:22: RT @americanwombat: Recent China tough talk reminded me of Jack London, America's favorite dog author, who wrote a sci-fi story where China…
  • Mon, 08:24: RT @gideondefoe: Phew, it took ages but finally finished stencilling "Buttigieg" over the "Clegg" bit of my unsold stock of Cleggmania t-sh…
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    Fri, 21:33: RT @ brian_bilston: "Sometimes the power of a homophone can come out of nowhere and hit you like a truck," articulated Laurie.…

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    Thu, 16:37: RT @ fro_vo: brb: be right back my brain: ᵇᵒʳᵇ https://t.co/MuASmSBnN9 Thu, 16:38: RT @ realaccountyeah: plato clutching his…

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    Wed, 13:53: RT @ Pecnut: Jack Reacher books use the phrase “That’s for damn sure” on average 5.64 times per novel. @ LeeChildReacher 💀📚…

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