Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

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  • Wed, 10:02: RT @dorsalstream: [job hunting in 2030] INTERVIEWER: It says here that you were *checks resume* “Meme Lord” from December 3, 1:25pm to Dec…
  • Wed, 10:02: RT @MNateShyamalan: Tears stream down Brutus’ face as he realizes what he’s done. He feels the rodent tug his hair purposefully, and like a…
  • Wed, 10:03: RT @KimmyMonte: {extremely guns n’ roses voice} welcome to the jingle we got one horse sleighs
  • Wed, 10:50: RT @itten_games_en: Is This a Game #2 Caramel Column’s “Fictional Masterpieces” Based on the imaginary record jackets displayed on the wall…
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