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  • Sun, 21:51: RT @jfruh: "in fact, the duke of york is known to be unable to sweat, due to his military service" is some encyclopedia brown/slylock fox s…
  • Mon, 08:11: RT @aneeman: Apparently, the @USGS is currently operating a program where autistic students act as "volunteers" for the Bureau - performing…
  • Mon, 08:14: RT @TheOnion: Yovanovitch Testifies That She Was Removed To Make Way For Corrupt Back Channel But Gets If No One Cares About Anything Anymo…
  • Mon, 08:15: RT @pixelatedboat: Enjoying the optimism of this headline that implies Kanye might do more operas after this one https://t.co/2nTpgFrRXO
  • Mon, 08:38: RT @jfruh: our “there is no room in mainstream conservatism for holocaust deniers” T-shirt has a lot of people asking questions that are an…
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