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  • Thu, 08:26: RT @quendergeer: remember you're not "addicted to drugs" if it's still doing the thing you're taking it for... you're just "taking medicine"
  • Thu, 08:38: RT @SarahTaber_bww: Ok kiddos let's do this. Time to talk about my pretty-minimal-but-still-REALLY-WEIRD brushes with the MIT Media Lab. h…
  • Thu, 08:45: RT @justkelly_ok: - "Ms. Monopoly" when the original game isn't "Mr. Monopoly." Like why is it a name now? - Implies the "default" gender i…
  • Thu, 08:48: RT @LostCatDog: The fact that the bull is actually hollow and super easy to damage is a little on the nose https://t.co/XtH6LhKEf7
  • Thu, 08:51: RT @americanwombat: 10 Best Eel Species: Number 3 Will Shock You
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