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  • Thu, 08:09: RT @BoogTweets: [movie trailer] IN A WORLD OF ANIMAL NOISES *distant oinks and moo’s* ONE OLD MAN KNEW THEM ALL *dramatic music* BUT B…
  • Thu, 10:26: RT @stuarthoughton: Reports have reached me that - despite my clear assurances to the contrary - face-eating leopards have begun to eat the…
  • Thu, 10:56: RT @annaegalite: In my intro stats class today, I told students the median is a ”resistant” measure of a distribution’s center & is often p…
  • Thu, 10:57: RT @mattpurslow: https://t.co/xevDxPmT1f
  • Thu, 10:57: RT @GraceHadassah: Your biceps are beyond compare with bulging muscles everywhere chiseled quads, and pecs like Wolverine Your jawline ha…
  • Thu, 11:02: RT @amateuradam: "Prorogue" is "swingeing" all over again - a political term that'll never not look like a typo.
  • Thu, 11:04: RT @mattyglesias: What people don’t appreciate is that The Queen — elderly, very rich, no college degree — is in the core demographic for H…
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