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  • Sun, 09:25: RT @AstroKatie: Australian magpies are actually robot birds from the future https://t.co/X48n9AUUcV
  • Sun, 09:27: RT @TheSteinbag: Hug your billionaire pedophile friends today. Tell them you love them before it’s too late.
  • Sun, 09:36: RT @AlexWattsEsq: Film idea: Muppet Star Wars Condensed plot of the original three films with all the characters played by Muppets except…
  • Sun, 09:37: RT @studiesincrap: The only thing funnier than the fact that "Which Kindle Do I Have?" is a real Kindle book that costs $2.99? The reviews…
  • Sun, 09:39: RT @aedison: The news media—they’ve always been very unfair to me—they keep saying, “Ahh, the water’s getting too hot! He’s boiling us!” Bu…
  • Sun, 09:41: RT @serenade_chats: I just read two histroms where the titled hero was kind and generous and advocated for those less fortunate than him un…
  • Sun, 09:43: RT @AlexWattsEsq: "a special 50p" These callous wreckers don't even have the imagination to be operatically evil. The smallest minded, vi…
  • Sun, 09:52: RT @rahaeli: The @Tate and extreme accessibility fail. https://t.co/n1SE4joFOm
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    Fri, 08:11: RT @ TheOnion: Express a socially-acceptable level of individuality with a shirt from the Onion Store today.…

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    Wed, 15:05: RT @ fart: Okay Twitter, I'm seeing a lot of discussion on this piece of media and nearly all of it ignores a crucial fact that,…

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    Wed, 07:58: RT @ Jwhitbrook: welcome to JURASSIC PORG https://t.co/ytblA3dm7o

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