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To live-blog or not to live-blog?

As you may have noticed, I live-blogged Glastonbury this year. I really enjoyed it. For previous festivals I have made more-or-less comprehensive notes with the intention of blogging about them afterwards, but my record of actually writing the damn things up has been lamentable. By contrast, I find that there's only so much dithering that I can do when I'm limited to 136 characters, so I can actually get shit posted in a timely fashion.

However, while I am pleased that I posted more over Glastonbury than I did in the preceding year, I realise that others may not feel the same way. I therefore considerately present the following poll:

Poll #1016038 Live-blogging

Would you prefer to be spared my live-blogging of future musical/cultural events?

Yes, it clutters my friends list
Yes, it incites my jealousy
No, I love having my friends list puntuated with pithy musical opinions and/or meteorological reports
No, I fear that answering 'Yes' will start teh dramas
Meh, I only read LJ for the polls anyway

Oh, and while I'm at it, does anyone with an inside line have idea when there might be a UK text-to-lj number? I'm using sms_to_lj and it kicks ass, but I'd love anything that would allow me even just a few more precious characters....
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