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  • Sat, 13:32: Took this just after getting up, and I love how you can tell exactly where I was lying https://t.co/NoH9eQPZ0s
  • Sat, 13:42: RT @existentialcoms: Philosophers: "we don't know shit." Scientists: "empirically speaking, we don't know shit." Some dude on YouTube who s…
  • Sat, 13:42: RT @Pundamentalism: Trying to work out if the Brexit Party deliberately made their logo look like a house that's fallen over, but now I can…
  • Sat, 13:46: RT @ZackBornstein: Remember when 1990 was always 10 years ago, and now all the sudden it’s 30 years ago
  • Sun, 09:07: RT @TheDreamGhoul: if there is an animal anywhere, there is a house cat who has slapped the shit out of it. the sea is no exception https:…
  • Sun, 09:07: RT @oliviacpu: I just saw Endgame and it was FULL of spoilers! Do NOT see it if you’re trying to avoid spoilers!
  • Sun, 09:12: RT @jesslynnrose: We’re automating a lot of work humans used to do, so in return you all will get *checks notes* to retire later and work l…
  • Sun, 09:33: RT @TheOnion: Tesla Posts Massive First Quarter Loss After Self-Driving Car Absconds With $702 Million in Cash https://t.co/So4YcKAg92 http…
  • Sun, 09:34: RT @studiesincrap: The easiest way to spoil ENDGAME would be to hang out in LA restaurants and see which Avengers now eat carbs https://t.c…
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