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Sweet Eris, I feel awful. I am over-tired (staying up late recently coupled with having Jo to stay over last night, with the subsequent awakening at 6:00 this morning), over-caffeinated (to compensate for the tiredness. I gave up drinking caffeine regularly for just such occasions: it has much more effect on me now), slightly ill (tiredness? Caffeine? Hang-over? Who can say?) and I hadn't eaten for 24 hours by the time lunch-time came around. This lead to a weird nostalgia, as this was exactly how I felt for much of my first year at university. The office feels horribly hot and airless, thought I don't know whether this is an effect or a cause of me feeling shit anyway. Still, managed to mash out my 'Men At Arms' review. Kudos to Jeremy for tipping me off to this reviewing scam. I've been to two plays already this term. Still, after that and editing yesterday's entry (didn't have time last night because I got carried away, and had to go and meet Jo), plus trying to respond to the upset I had inadvertently caused her this morning, I was completely drained, so I've done fuck-all for the rest of the day. Joined a weird kind of on-line game, but I doubt I'll have the time or the inclination to do it properly, and even if I did, I probably shouldn't.

Not sure whether I'll go to OUSFG tonight. On the one hand, I've not seen 'Logan's Run' and I'd like to (before I'm 30, ho ho), plus I ought to lend my fresher attracting support (for what that's worth) but on the other, I feel bloody awful. I'll see, but either way, I really must get an early night tonight, as it looks like I'm going out with the usual crowd to watch films tomorrow which is destined to end late, and I don't want to be a complete shambling zombie when I go round to Jo's on Friday... Also have (another) busyish weekend lined up: OUSFG Fresher's Drinks on Saturday afternoon, party in London in the evening, so can't rely on catching up on sleep this weekend. Bah. Not enough hours in the day. Or rather, there are, but I spend quite a lot of them at a desk attempting to give the impression of work.

I ought to go shopping before I go home as well. I haven't been for about three weeks now, and have therefore been living solely on noodles (not that I really fancy anything else (or strictly, anything, so I might as well eat noodles)) and have run out of washing- machine liquid. Sensible thrifty option: go to Sainsbury's. Lazy slacker option: go to the Co-Op just down the road, and just ignore the fact that it costs twice as much. Sigh.

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