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Enormous update alert... (v 1.3)

Busy weekend. Went to a Laurie Anderson concert in London on Friday. Despite deeply hazy arrangements, all five of us going from Oxford managed to meet at the bus terminal within two minutes of each other. Got to the Royal Festival Hall, arranged where we would meet, split up to find our seats, and found that all but one of us were in the same block anyway. Met my Dad (it was his idea) OK. Thank Eris for mobile phones...

The concert was excellent. Those in the know described it as something of a greatest hits affair, but it was nearly all new to me. Great though. I found it really evocative, with some pieces conjuring up powerful visuals for me. She gave little snippets of speech in between pieces as well - not really anecdotes, just short monologues - which heightened the dream-like feeling that it all made internal sense, but only connected to reality in a slightly skewed way. We went for a meal in Chinatown afterwards, which we all seemed to enjoy, and had a nice chat. My dad had met most of the guys before, but that was at the big outdoor Radiohead concert this summer, and then we were mostly lazing about waiting for bands instead of making much conversation. We all got on. Dad seemed particularly charmed by Jeremy (genetics?), so I sent him the URLs to her sites today.

Spent Saturday hanging around with Dad, Iz and (especially) Oliver. It was fun, as well as something of a weight off my mind, as I've been meaning to visit them for bloody ages. Me and Ol played computer games, read comics, listened to music (I played him some Midfield General, and he seemed to like it; he played me some Weird Al Yankovic stuff I hadn't heard, and we both sang along to some tracks from the 'South Park' film soundtrack) and did a bit of HTML coding. He's writing his own site, and is teaching himself HTML and Flash from downloaded tutorials. I'm deeply impressed. Austin Powers was on TV in the evening, so we all watched it. I confirmed my first impression of it: that it had some nice ideas, but was basically annoying. Dr. Evil and his son were fun, and the bits with the families and friends of the minions being told of their death at Austin's hands were good (very 'Invisibles' (well, OK, not very)) but the whole thing relied too heavily on the character of Austin himself, and he just didn't do anything for me. Ah well. At least I had thought this last time I watched it, so it isn't evidence of 'Josie and the Pussycats'-induced irony poisoning...

Visited Steph (ex-girlfriend, now married(!)) on Sunday, and discovered that she had planned for us to meet Dawn (other ex-girlfriend(ish)) for a drink in the afternoon. It was fun, sitting around in 'Bierodrome' in Angel Islington, drinking absurdly expensive, absurdly strong (up to 11% abv.) Belgian beers and chatting. We'd had wine for lunch too, so my lightweight memory seems to have keeled over about half-way through the afternoon, but I'm pretty sure we enjoyed ourselves. I hope it's a sign of good character and/or good taste that I really enjoyed hanging out on my own with my two exes and their blokes. Regardless, I feel much better now I've discharged some of my visiting obligations.

Made it back into Oxford to go to the first OUSFG (Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group, past presidents include: me) meeting of term. Two new prospective members. Could be worse, I suppose, and there's no reason to suppose that others won't turn up at some point later in the term. We really do need new members this year though, or we'll be in danger of dying as a student society, which would be a shame given our 30-odd year history. I was still somewhat drunk, and may have been rather rude to Lyndsey. This is bad because a) the meeting is in the flat where she lives, b) she is the librarian of OUSFG, and c) she's actually nice. Unfortunately, we seem to live in very different worlds. I don't really understand her, and fear my off-handed sarcasm about, for example, her profound love for and fascination by her pet gerbils is therefore in very real danger of sounding simply like nasty sniping. Normally I at least try to be aware of this, but my inhibitions were lowered, Your Honour. Plus I guess I was trying to make OUSFG seem cool for the freshers, and casual but hopefully witty cruelty is the only way I know. Still, it was good to see everyone again (except for the couple of bloody irritating people, of course), and Tanaqui turned up which was pleasing for me, OUSFG, and hopefully her as well. Things between her and Jo seem to have simmered down to an truce, at least, after Jo apologised to her at a party a few weeks ago. I can but hope that progress will continue to be made...

Anyway, I'm staying late at work to type all this in, which is pretty sad, but it's a lot easier to concentrate once those kibitzing fuckers I laughingly refer to as 'work'-'mates' have gone. Ironically, the only time they actually distract me is when I'm writing this, as nothing else I do at work requires anything approaching half my brain (it's the size of a planet, you know...) I like them normally. Well, most of them. Fun at the moment, as there have apparently been complaints to HR about our personal phone-calls and inappropriate e-mails, and the suspicion (well, certainty) is that we have a mole in our midst. Great grist for lunch-time paranoid gossip sessions. However, since one of my colleagues noticed me typing this today and surmised that it was a blog, I had better be careful what I say, though I'd be deeply surprised if anyone who didn't know me pretty damn well was able to track this down. (Feel free to post smug comments, you lurkers.)

Archie and I went to see Tanaqui yesterday, after a brief bit of agonising with Jo. I had said when I saw her on Sunday that I might see her the next evening, but sounded (I thought) deliberately uncertain, as I had a feeling I was supposed to be doing something else, but was pissed and tired and am shit at making decisions and arrangements anyway. When Jo called and asked if I was indeed coming round, and I told her that I'd agreed to go to Tanaqui's she was somewhat miffed. I think it was as simple as her being a bit tired and having been looking forward to me giving her hugs that night, plus the fact that she was going to be busy for much of the rest of the week, and that I was apparently choosing to go round to Tanaqui's, drink and watch TV rather than seeing her, my girlfriend. She had a point. My only defence was that I had sounded 'deliberately dubious' (as far as I could remember) when agreeing to see her, precisely because I thought I was supposed to be doing something else. She pointed out that I always sound dubious when making arrangements. This is true, and is for exactly that reason, i.e. I'm never confident that I haven't double-booked myself. Must try harder... Still, things didn't get acrimonious (when do they ever?) so we ended the call on good terms.

Tanaqui's was fun, though had the perennial problem that, despite her knowing exactly where on each video each program we might want to watch is (obsessive-compulsives, ya gotta love 'em), we still take bloody ages to watch anything. This is partially thanks to Archie's apparent inability to concentrate on more than one thing at once, which clashes badly with me and Tanaqui's cheerfully chatty multi-tasking (and, it has to be said, Tanaqui's bloody-mindedness and our mutual penchant for cruel running jokes) and often necessitates repeated rewindings of a missed piece of dialogue until we are able to restrain ourselves from talking over it again. Still, we watched some Armando Iannucci (great, weird comedy, which seems to be dragged directly from Archie's personal fears and beliefs. There's hope for him as a comedy god yet), Futurama and Cleopatra 2525, drank some cheap wine, ate some expensive avocado and bacon sandwiches and still got home before 1am; a feat which I completely wasted by playing Alpha Centauri for an hour and a half in bed. Damn that game. Knackered today.

I've got another play to watch and review tonight, ('Men At Arms', based on the Terry Pratchett book) and I'm meeting Jo in town beforehand so I thought I might as well do a massive update to this rather than going home for half-an-hour or something. Maybe someone will have spotted me frantically typing and decided I need a raise. Who can say? Anyway, my bird awaits. I'm gone.

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