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  • Thu, 08:58: RT @SketchesbyBoze: stop saying my standards are “too high” just because I intend to marry a plucky Victorian archeologist who wears a curs…
  • Thu, 09:05: RT @Pundamentalism: Actually, it was the monster that was called Frankenstein’s Monster. The energy drink he had was called Frankenstein’s…
  • Thu, 09:06: RT @pixelatedboat: Amazing that it’s been 50 years since Neil Armstrong said these famous words https://t.co/GvxJE0TYbS
  • Thu, 09:09: RT @sannewman: I finally realized how ironic it is that writers write tweets warning other writers not to do unpaid work just for the expos…
  • Thu, 09:11: RT @lottelydia: small brain: make-up is anti-feminist big brain: make-up is empowering! galaxy brain: the demand that women should question…
  • Thu, 09:29: RT @sannewman: Nowadays when I see the word "Brexit" I don't think of Britain leaving the EU; I think of the mass exodus of companies and h…
  • Thu, 09:30: RT @underthenettle: concept: fortinbras arrives in the court of denmark during a fencing match, and immediately shoots the king, queen, pri…
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