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  • Tue, 19:08: RT @mbeisen: Ladies, if he: * Solicits opinion of 3 strangers before agreeing to a date * Takes months to reply * Nitpicks about your appe…
  • Tue, 19:09: RT @sturkmardy: (inaudible) O come let us adore him (normal) O come let us adore him (screamed at top of lungs) O COME LET US ADORE HIM (pe…
  • Tue, 20:48: RT @fanf: https://t.co/a7rrsF8WGw - The "feel-good" horror of late-stage capitalism.
  • Tue, 22:54: RT @PlopGazette: Sad news about Baroness Trumpington. Here again for your enjoyment is the opening paragraph of her autobiography: https://…
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    Fri, 08:11: RT @ TheOnion: Express a socially-acceptable level of individuality with a shirt from the Onion Store today.…

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    Wed, 15:05: RT @ fart: Okay Twitter, I'm seeing a lot of discussion on this piece of media and nearly all of it ignores a crucial fact that,…

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    Wed, 07:58: RT @ Jwhitbrook: welcome to JURASSIC PORG https://t.co/ytblA3dm7o

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