Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
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  • Thu, 08:05: RT @JohnFinnemore: I know just how this feels. I recently, in the face of a huge and terrifying deadline, decided it was urgently time to r…
  • Thu, 08:09: RT @pixelatedboat: I’m sick of comics being about social issues! Why can’t comics be like they used to be back when I was too dumb to figur…
  • Thu, 08:20: RT @jfruh: oh my god i just remembered a friend of mine bumble matched with a guy who said he was a sapiosexual but he misspelled "sapiosex…
  • Thu, 08:20: RT @SophieKaiba: @jfruh That just means he's a sapiosexual bottom
  • Thu, 08:29: RT @Jesse_Brenneman: Future historians could learn everything they need to know about 21st century America via this menu featuring an evolv…
  • Thu, 11:15: RT @CharvyNarain: A distinct improvement on the original https://t.co/aUentjSvBD
Tags: #whatdoyouthink, twitter
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