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  • Thu, 16:28: Me: I hope to finish it by the end of the week. Colleague: If you don't hit any roadblocks? Me: That metaphor impli… https://t.co/pbbysSlSBS
  • Thu, 22:34: RT @AdamRutherford: 60 every 5 minutes = 6,307,200 migrants into the UK per year. This is a very serious issue indeed: our elected offici…
  • Thu, 22:40: RT @chetfaliszek: All of these GDPR notices from sites you haven't visited in years should tell you one thing. No one deletes the data onc…
  • Thu, 22:53: RT @htfb: Whenever you make do with something just for the time being, the Time Being accepts your sacrifice by making it permanent.
  • Thu, 22:54: RT @FrogCroakley: Why is there no sitcom about orcs yet
  • Fri, 06:33: RT @TonyCowards: The Islamophobes are going to go nuts when they find out about this. https://t.co/ue86Ay3YKO
  • Fri, 06:34: RT @IllyBocean: oh i'm completely on board now that i can see how good you are at getting unbiased data https://t.co/XJOr9u6lbB
  • Fri, 06:35: RT @matthaig1: Mental health is not taken seriously. We have massive campaigns and legislation around tobacco and alcohol and fast food, bu…
  • Fri, 06:48: RT @sockington: TIME TO UPDATE YOU ON MY PRIVACY POLICY turns out I am going to continue to get up in all your business at my whim ALSO PRO…
  • Fri, 06:54: RT @TheOnion: “Mike Pence is just a dumbfuck partisan hack who doesn’t have the faintest clue about international relations or running a co…
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    Mon, 13:40: RT @ rockpapershot: A Planet Zoo player has bred an ostrich taller than the Statue of Liberty - https://t.co/MTRKtaIfBe…

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    Sun, 13:12: RT @ tomgauld: ‘The bookshop cat and the pandemic’. My cartoon for yesterday’s @ guardianreview. https://t.co/X2jxx7jD5l Sun,…

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    Sat, 15:24: RT @ edmorrish: All the good work the Royal family do is a fantastic advert for UBI. Sat, 21:14: RT @ socialistdogmom: this…

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