Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

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  • Fri, 06:45: RT @studiesincrap: A peek at the vanishing point where doomsday evangelicalism becomes a Philip K. Dick fever dream. http://t.co/kMUPeUphCU
  • Fri, 07:03: RT @jonnysun: i have so much real work i was supposed to do but instead i spent all week thinking about and reaching this conclusion about…
  • Fri, 07:06: RT @jimpjorps: shipwreck victims have embraced bits of flotsam and jetsam bobbing in the ocean, and it would be unfair to go pick them up w…
  • Fri, 08:45: RT @KamilKaramali: Spoke exclusively to man who says he brought crabs 🦀 onto TTC. He says: • he brought 3 crabs • did it as joke • paid for…
  • Fri, 09:57: RT @ErynnBrook: Getting a prescription refill, doc asks me if I still get sad/have low periods. I say yes. He asks me how I cope with them.…
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