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  • Tue, 19:07: RT @j4: Levelling up as an IT pro: my default suggestion these days is "Have you tried turning it off?" Very high rate of success so far.
  • Tue, 22:23: RT @quendergeer: you know it's weird that transhumanists think making humans into machines means we'll live forever because i don't have an…
  • Tue, 22:23: RT @Lawrence_Miles: We Can Remember It for You Whole Snail. https://t.co/7p3bNHGbAo
  • Tue, 22:23: RT @arrroberts: I hate to be "that guy" (and by "that guy", I mean "Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature at the University of London"…
  • Wed, 07:45: RT @SamuraiCorndog: Mad respect for the skeletons at the beginning of every major dungeon out there. They know they aren’t boss level bad g…
  • Wed, 07:49: RT @EddyDever: It’s terrifying that both of these things are true at the same time in this world: • computers drive cars around • the st…
  • Wed, 07:56: RT @tomwhoscontrary: and all the ecommerce sites and hotels i stayed in once will look up and shout "Please confirm your subscription to ou…
  • Wed, 07:56: RT @seldo: The longer I stay in tech the more my role seems to become remembering the last time we fucked something up and warning people w…
  • Wed, 08:01: RT @AmyDentata: By 35 you should have taken out at least ten replicants and panicked over the possibility that you yourself are a replicant…
  • Wed, 08:03: RT @ZachWeiner: To Eve He said, "I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; Also? No pockets."
  • Wed, 08:40: RT @existentialcoms: When people talk about getting rid of "government regulations", you can usually substitute the words with "accountabil…
  • Wed, 09:04: RT @mikeangiulo: Everyone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile. Messed up all my lists and history... so I renamed “Dad” to “Inst…



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