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A beginning, of sorts

So, an on-line diary. Nice idea. I wonder how long it'll take for me to get bored of it... Actually, given that I'll be filling this in from work, and I really have nothing better to do here than net-surf, read on the toilet and do this, it could well run and run.

Was going to begin with something either
a) profound, or
b) factual (background, current status, etc.)

However, I suspect my current frivolous mood rules out much chance of (a) unless it's accidental, and (b) sounds bloody boring for all concerned. Plus, I suppose (b) is the sort of thing that ought to go into my profile instead, but that sounds pretty tedious too. Instead, I will try to end each of these entries (oooh, already planning for more than one) with a fact about me. Collecting the set will result in you eventually being able to write a biography or screen-play based on my life. If that's not an incentive...

OK, now I've presented my mission statement, any of you still reading may have a reward (disclaimer: your definition of reward may differ sharply from mine) of some inadvertent erotica (disclaimer: your definition of erotica may differ sharply from mine). Yes, I will start in the soul-baring (or at least libido-exposing) manner to which we may both, Gentle Reader, be forced to become accustomed. Brace yourself (for disappointment, I suspect)...

I was cycling home from work yesterday behind an attractive blonde girl. As she bent over the handlebars, a pleasing area of lower back was revealed as her top rode up slightly. But -oh!- the path along which we cycled was muddy. And -oh!- her bike lacked mud-guards. So as we progressed, I could not help but watch her white skin become gradually sullied with small splatters of mud thrown up by her wheels. This I found, in a somewhat abstract sense, profoundly erotic.

OK. Sorry about that. I doubt that my posts will be this sordid (or indeed this long) in future. Perhaps I'd better go.


Autobiographical fact #1:
I live with EidolonArchie, though not in the gay sense.

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