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January brought a number of reasons to be proud:
  • Succeeded in all my New Year's resolutions

  • Made a success of my first overnight business trip. Sure, it was only to Wakefield, rhubarb capital of England, so not very far or very exotic. But I trained 8 people for a day (including improvising some nifty solutions to technical problems), then spent another day sat in a meeting with 8 strangers and contributed usefully.

  • Made some banana bread. We had some bananas going manky and an under-used bread-maker, and I suddenly and inexplicably felt inspired to combine the two. It was my first loaf and given that the recipe was partially improvised and I didn't mix it enough, it ended up being suprisingly nice.

  • Had a couple of pieces of writing published in the second issue of Iris and (in some ways more gratifyingly) had a paragraph of thanks in the acknowledgements in the front. Sure, all this is because the editor's a mate, but many of the writers of internet humour that I admire got their break into real, dead-tree publishing in a similar way. Granted, there's a difference between being published in a nationally distributed humour magazine and in a self-published classics magazine for young people with a run of 1000 and a distribution of rather less. But where does that difference lie? Not in the quality of the writing, surely, but in the quality of the friends. If iruineverything were a better friend, she would be running a magazine rather more closely suited to my writing style, and successful enough to actually pay me. Still, in the last few months she's been in the Times Educational Supplement, on Radio 4, the BBC news site and Newsround (to name but some) so she's obviously got whoring herself to the media down to a fine art. I simply need to stay friends with her long enough to ride her tattered coat-tails to fame and fortune... (To this end, I have been turning everyone else that she knows against her)
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