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  • Thu, 14:03: RT @pointlesslettrs: Just three days into the new year and Ernie's already in the running for "Best Letter of the Year 2018". https://t.co/
  • Thu, 14:29: RT @HarveyLindsay: Just got Ed Sheeran’s new album https://t.co/zeNClYMy8h
  • Thu, 14:29: RT @j4: Hazel is toddling around putting on all the clothes she can find in our bedrooms, washing baskets etc. She's like a fabric-based ka…
  • Thu, 15:45: RT @thewritertype: The difference between Caligula making his horse a consul and the government making Toby Young a universities advisor is…
  • Thu, 19:32: RT @anildasharez0ne: 1998: the teens are calling everything gay 2008: the teens aren't sure they should be really calling things gay 2018:…
  • Thu, 19:32: RT @craiguito: Lying on the ground pretending to be dead is a good way to deflect the attentions of a bear or co-workers @TwopTwips
  • Thu, 19:40: RT @sannewman: The subtext of Moby Dick, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and most of Conrad is that you should never make eye contact with…
  • Thu, 19:40: RT @thedailymash: Trump has already pressed fake nuclear button CIA gave him over a dozen times https://t.co/hi3tx1I8ht https://t.co/GxN6AU
  • Thu, 22:37: RT @wonderella: Trump vs Bannon is so stupid I'm not even going to bother - a sad, pasty boy version of a hip-hop beef. Just pretend I post…
  • Thu, 22:39: RT @jonnysun: idea for a black mirror episode: a technology called IceBox™ is invented to store food past its natural lifespan by keeping i…
  • Fri, 10:11: RT @JonnElledge: This is a big part of Toby Young's problem. He's performatively acted like a dick to impress the Tory establishment, and n…
  • Fri, 10:42: RT @sockington: WHAT IS WITH THE COLD FLOOR the floor is the exact opposite of lava PLEASE FORWARD ALL CALLS TO THE OCCASIONALLY MOVING QUI…
  • Fri, 10:46: RT @pixelatedboat: I’ve never watched Black Mirror but here’s what I imagine the show is like https://t.co/NKgNSV83AG



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