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  • Sun, 13:57: RT @merseytart: IDEA: Shazam, but for weird bits of plastic that have probably fallen off something important and you don't know what. http…
  • Sun, 13:57: RT @joeheenan: Sometimes when I don't know what to do I'll get this out my pocket & pretend it knows the answer. https://t.co/8MIpxHw0hC
  • Sun, 14:41: RT @sannewman: What do we want? Mansplaining! When do we want it? Actually, what you secretly want is a man who earns more than you who ena…
  • Sun, 14:42: RT @WheelTod: Today I finally told my kids that St Patrick isn't real, and it's been me putting the snakes under their pillows all these ye…
  • Sun, 16:40: RT @slaughthie: Boycott kissing men at midnight. It’s New Year’s Eve not New Years Steve.
  • Sun, 16:40: RT @computerfact: 18 years since the last y2k bug 20 years until the next one 🎉💻
  • Sun, 16:42: RT @ZachWeiner: My Myers-Briggs type is "FMBS" for "Finds Myers-Briggs Specious."
  • Sun, 18:29: RT @HyruleWilds: I literally found a guy complaining about how James Bond could be a woman / non-white by sarcastically saying "Why not rem…
  • Sun, 19:02: RT @CurlOfGradient: Tired: What are they trying to divert attention from with these UFO stories? Wired: What are the aliens trying to diver…
  • Sun, 19:02: RT @VesselOfSpirit: the internet of things that should not be
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