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  • Thu, 20:35: This wine was a bit rough but perfectly palatable, cost €0.65 &, as such, has the perfect label https://t.co/CnPE2F6mFD
  • Thu, 20:36: RT @ironflamberge: last night at dinner my sister said that she had a girlfriend now, and our uncle said encouragingly "a girlfriend?" to c…
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @abaddondave: To be fair, I'm gonna guess the convo went: "Jesus, now he's advocating paedophilia, we gotta drop him." "According to con…
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @TheoNicole: Me: Bruce Banner needs therapy. Friends: ALL the Avengers need therapy. Friend who is a therapist: I made case plans for al…
  • Thu, 20:55: RT @efortmanteau: @bombsfall Checkov's everything
  • Thu, 20:58: RT @dubsteppenwolf: https://t.co/FV3wja8pnz
  • Thu, 20:59: RT @HMittelmark: Screed (Thriller, 2018) Eric, a quiet game theory professor (Keanu Reeves), is forced to become a bizarre internet pundit…
  • Thu, 21:00: RT @existentialcoms: Philosophy is important because without it no one would even be asking questions like "is philosophy important?"
  • Thu, 21:00: RT @aedison: We could house all of humanity in an area the size of Texas. I guess we could use the rest of the planet to grow food, harvest…
  • Thu, 21:01: RT @_ElvishPresley_: Alexa, play some party music. Alexa, next song. Alexa, next song. Alexa, stop playing Daft Punk’s Robot Rock. Alex…
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