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I <3 the internet

Why, just this week, it has enabled me to:

Oh boy! If you were drinking something while reading this, I apologise for the mess that your inevitable spit-take caused. You have only my perfect post construction to blame, as I lulled you into a false sense of security with a series of common-place (though intriguing) internet activities, then sucker-punched you with the book thing right at the end. Still, I guess that's just one of the dangers of reading one of the hundred funniest British bloggers: i.e. me.

Seriously though, how fucking cool is this? On Friday I posted a short thing about kittens that I'd had lying around for ages. Later that day, cleanskies commented on that post, pointing me towards this incredible plan to create a book in a week for Comic Relief. I sent mine in on the off-chance, and within a week I'm published alongside Richard Herring and Andrew Collins!

So, thanks to cleanskies, Troubled Diva, and, of course, The Internet. I love you guys.

Oh, and go buy the book.
Tags: book, fame, fortune?, shaggy blog stories, the internet
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