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Review - The Prestige

In December I went and saw The Prestige at the end of its all-too-short cinematic run in Oxford, and whole-heartedly recommend it to those of you in times and places where it is available for viewing. I can't think of another film that has been so structurally pleasing without seeming contrived, self-conscious or smug. I had read the book before, tinyjo hadn't, but we both loved it.

Interestingly, while I would certainly have recommended the book to her beforehand, I am more dubious about doing so now. It's longer, of course, and hence almost inevitably lacks the film's focus and lean tightness; and though the ending of the film might have been a little too pat, I felt that the ending of the book went too far the other way and petered out somewhat. I wouldn't hesitate to advise someone against watching film adaptation - even a pretty good film adaptation - of a book they absolutely loved. Indeed, tinyjo's resolutely underwhelmed response to Lord Of The Rings is a case in point. Is this an analogous situation? If you've seen and read it, what do you reckon?

Also, the closing credits featured Thom Yorke's 'Analyse'. Now, I'm a pretty big fan of the gimpy-eyed miserablist genius, but it didn't really seem to fit the meticulously-drawn mood of the film itself. On the drive home, I was idly considering better choices, and was sufficiently pleased with some of them that I may well have written this entire review just to ask this extra bonus question:
What should they have played? My top three choices:
3. It's A Kind Of Magic
2. Danger! High Voltage
1. Two Become One
What've you got?



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