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  • Sat, 14:53: RT @PhilLucas: If things that happened in episodes of King Rollo happened to the real Royal Family. https://t.co/3uOHLLglFP
  • Sat, 15:06: RT @TwopTwips: CONVINCE people you have an English Literature degree by highlighting arbitrary words in a few of your old books. (via @spoo
  • Sat, 15:07: RT @HansGrubertron: INTERVIEWER: Where do you see yourself in five years? ME: Probably my communication skills.
  • Sat, 15:25: RT @jonnysun: BEYONCE: ♫ say my name say my name ♫ STARBUCKS BARISTA: bromley
  • Sat, 15:27: RT @PatchfaceTF: WAKE UP SHEEPLE - Doctor Moureau in the morning
  • Sat, 15:33: RT @panmidwest: ME: I like her but she likes this other guy… BUDDY: Love triangle ME: Pyramid actually. THAT guy likes two OTHER girls who…
  • Sat, 15:49: RT @panmidwest: I don't understand how a cat just sits there. No smartphone. No Netflix. No crippling social anxiety. No pets. It just sits…
  • Sat, 17:15: Shout out to the guy buying Warren Ellis, Charles Stross, & 'Programming in Objective-C'. You must make prediction algorithms very happy…
  • Sat, 17:41: 'The excitement begins on the first page', eh? I'll be the judge of that :) … Oh. Wow. That is *not at all* the exc… https://t.co/5L2EHFHq2C
  • Sat, 19:59: RT @PhilipNByrne: This sexist accidentally made feminism sound way more amazing. https://t.co/cPNnn6I8sD
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