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  • Mon, 12:00: RT @forexposure_txt: unpaid but if you're good lots of work
  • Mon, 12:04: RT @thenatewolf: American Detective: I solved the case by breaking all the rules British Detective: I solved the case by noticing a speci…
  • Mon, 12:07: RT @Pundamentalism: They tried to stop me making aquatic mammal pies, but now the choux is on the otter foot.
  • Mon, 12:10: RT @panmidwest: THERAPIST: so what's wrong? WIFE: he doesn't understand joke formats ME: not true! WIFE: then what's HE doing here?! BA…
  • Mon, 12:11: RT @CraigLeeHenry: @TwopTwips Avoid expensive engraving charges by naming your dog 'Sample'. https://t.co/2o5EqIvuj6
  • Mon, 12:11: RT @fro_vo: [ted talk] did you know that "urinated" is short for "ur in a ted talk" haha just a little urology humor but seriously let's ta…
  • Mon, 12:13: RT @MrEmilyHeller: trying to explain the patriarchy to men feels like telling someone who has never heard of bones that there's a skeleton…
  • Mon, 12:15: RT @jonnysun: com to OLIVE GARDEN we use to hav unlimited breadsticks but then a unlimited duck came & now we hav no breadsticks just a ver…
  • Mon, 12:16: RT @ZachWeiner: Were you faithful and kind to me your entire life because you’re a good person, or was that just social signalling?
  • Mon, 12:25: RT @mattsurely: "Have you tried drinking more water and getting more sleep?" is the "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" of the me…
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