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Resolution 2 (of some): Chin

A couple of months ago, I fell off my bike and cut my chin open. While the stitches were in I naturally refrained from shaving, and was pleased and a little surprised to see my facial hair struggle resolutely past the 'wispy bum-fluff' stage and into the manly realm of The Beard. For the last couple of months, I have therefore been sporting a goatee.

Reactions have been mixed, ranging from "Well, at least tinyjo knows you're not on the pull", to "I quite like it". It's even been described as 'Lincoln-esque'. Me, I was pleased enough with it to keep it and show it to my relatives over Christmas, but it's now in need of a trim, so I have to make up my mind whether it should stay or go... As a mathematician and slacker, I have cunningly constructed my next resolution to be impossible to fail: do something about my beard. Slacker still, I have decided to let the all-knowing internet make my choice for me, in my first poll!

The question is simple. For those unfortunates who have not have the pleasure first-hand, I present some 'Before and after' photos (lovingly produced with help of tinyjo):

Exhibit A: Beatnik

Exhibit B: Post-apocalyptic

Should I keep the beard?


Each response will be weighted by the attractiveness of the respondee (so please comment with a representative user-pic), then tallied. Choose wisely: my facial hair hangs in the balance.
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