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  • Sat, 15:56: Decades after graduation, former members of the university's roleplaying soc. & its SF group live nearly parallel, disjoint lives in Oxford…
  • Sat, 16:03: RT @DMReporter: YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP: @thequentinletts illustrates his optimism for the future with a photo of a neo-Nazi. https://t.co/
  • Sat, 23:08: Further evidence that 'America' is just a heavy-handed dystopian satire: Warner Brothers reports own site as illegal https://t.co/ZNgCb6tI3l
  • Sun, 09:53: RT @jonnysun: *puts on sorting hat* sorting hat: GGRREAT LAKE! THROW HIM IN THE GREAT LAKE me: nno can i be gryfindor sorting hat: GGGREAT…
  • Sun, 10:06: RT @MooseAllain: I have a couple of cartoons in the latest Private Eye. Here's one of them. https://t.co/zeoI5oExV0
  • Sun, 10:12: RT @LostCatDog: Here's a tweet I sort of liked this week: [links you to an eerie image of your own obituary somehow]
  • Sun, 10:12: RT @MicroSFF: Mobiles became more helpful, and began to explain what people really meant. "Let's talk like we used to," people said. "We do…



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