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Dream a little dream of me...

Very active dream-life at the moment. I know that there is famously very little duller than other people recalling their dreams, but:
a) If nothing else, you can read disturbing things into them. (See especially dream 2 below.)
b) This is my journal, anyway.

1. Last night I had a dream that Jo and I were exploring a tunnel in the mountainside, when she fell down a hole into the lair of some goblins, and I had to get down there too in order to help her escape. At some point, however, it became clear that we weren't wearing armour, we were wearing space-suits; the mountain was in fact an airless moon; and they weren't goblins, they were people with cat's heads. Much running around ensued.

2. The night before, I had had a really disturbing dream, in which Zac (an American (ish. Nomadic really, but he's got an American accent) friend of mine who I haven't seen for ages) and I were... hermaphroditic fish. I was supposed to reabsorb some of my eggs that Zac had just fertilized. Even as a fish, I thought this was pretty disturbing, but I felt really freaked out when I woke up.

Keep your interpretations to yourselves. Unless they're really good, I suppose.

Good news about Caption (small-press comics convention a fortnight ago): we have basically broken even (a small but comfortable profit). This is good, as it means:
a) We did it right.
b) We didn't make a loss, which I would have had to cover a quarter of.
c) We didn't make too much of a profit, which would jeopardise our non-profit making status.

Talking with my colleagues about housework this lunchtime (as one does), I learned that Tina, who is really rather attractive in a somewhat stern-looking way, wears elbow length, thick, black, rubber gloves to clean the bathroom. This conjured quite a striking mental image...

Enough perversion.

Autobiographical Fact #11:
I'm bored of these now.

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