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  • Sun, 12:10: ∗Actor∗ As a decent indie band with a female vocalist cover Edwyn Collins, it feels very much as if the inevitable 90s revival is upon us.
  • Sun, 12:17: In the shower queue, a lad entertains/traumatises his more hungover mates with improvised lies. "'Cuboid' is 'dubious' backwards."
  • Sun, 13:02: ∗Nzca Lines∗ Sweetly dueting vocals over happy bleeps & squelches over layers of drums, as we're lightly spritzed with rain. Lovely & cheery
  • Sun, 13:13: I like that the interstitial music here is all a) rather good, & b) clearly the result of typing space words into Spotify or equivalent
  • Sun, 13:58: RT @thedailymash: Conspiracy theorists finally convinced no secret society could possibly be running this mess https://t.co/KliUBlFIgQ http…
  • Sun, 14:01: RT @Pie_Museum: "What image did you come up with to denote a child finding inappropriate content online?" "The obvious one." https://t.co/s
  • Sun, 14:10: RT @philippawarr: Bee didn't seem to have any awareness of camouflaged crab spider. Crab spider VERY AWARE OF BEE #spidergarden https://t.c…
  • Sun, 14:23: RT @sophie_gadd: *dog barks loudly* me: what a bad pet no way *cat literally bites my hand and scratches me up* me: BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS I L…
  • Sun, 14:29: RT @girlonthenet: Part 2 of a series about #sex and #SSRIs: https://t.co/BGhkimUFcr Turned out darker than I thought soz. #anxiety https://…
  • Sun, 14:50: ∗I Like Trains∗ Four guitars & faintly silly doom-laden lyrics. They probably deserve a better response than 'pleasantly ignorable'; & yet…
  • Sun, 15:19: ∗Dutch Uncles∗ Tight band with a touch of math-rock & a great countertenor whose voice recalls Michael Jackson or Tori Amos(!) Odd, charming
  • Sun, 17:34: ∗Pumarosa∗ Plangent jangly guitars, urgent driving bass & drums, soaring plaintive vocals. Really rather good.
  • Sun, 17:36: Between acts on the main stage, we have a live skype lecture from a dude working on LIGO about gravity wave detection. Festival for dorks!
  • Sun, 17:45: I'd describe #bluedot festival's dominant theme as 'adorably awkward enthusiasm.' Aspirational!
  • Sun, 18:53: ∗65DaysOfStatic∗ Sometimes you just want your consciousness to be meticulously, rhythmically annihilated. These guys can do that. Respect.
  • Sun, 19:34: Her: Nice shades. Me: Thanks! … I see you have exactly the same ones Her: Yep :) Me: I buy mine in bulk as Beatles fancy dress Her: Me too!
  • Sun, 22:03: ∗Everything Everything∗ TBH I spent most of their set chatting or getting food, but my impression was "like Elbow but sped & cheered up"?
  • Sun, 22:11: ∗Caribou∗ Helped me to empathise with those who aren't into electronica by sounding perfectly fine & musical without being at all compelling
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