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Bad Signs

In which I try to solve my problems by treating the symptoms.

Problem: While packing my bag to leave work yesterday, I found that I was singing, quietly but audibly, "[My name], you're a wanker, you're a wanker, [my name]", to the tune of the in-game music from Super Pipeline 2, a game I had on my Amstrad 6128 and have not so much as thought about for at least 15 years. This strikes me as a bad sign.

Possible cause: I have been reading the entire archives of games site UK Resistance. If it had a soundtrack, it would quite probably be a song of self-loathing set to a computer game theme tune (probably Sonic The Hedgehog, though).

Solution: Well, I've nearly read finished the archives now, so hopefully any malign influence exerted by UK Resistance will die off to background levels. If this doesn't work, maybe I should download a copy of Super Pipeline 2 and play it on my Amstrad emulator. At least then I will deserve abuse.
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