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Further productivity tips

After my previous entry on how to work, in which I discovered that caffeine is a stimulant, I have made a new, even more controversial discovery. Loads of work to do, including writing lots of emails explaining hard things to gormless people? In my experience, the best way to prepare for this is by being slightly hung-over the day before, having a nice lunch, then skipping an evening meal in favor of chocolate and Pringles. Stay up until 3:30am with a bunch of degenerates, sleep for 4 hours, then spring out of bed and cycle 3 miles to work in the wind and rain. I can assure* you that after a cup of coffee and a shortbread finger, you'll be raring to go, and should get about 2000 words of highly technical email written by lunchtime. This ain't your mama's conventional wisdom!

I'm beginning to think that:
a) I have a magic metabolism that thrives on abuse
b) I am overstimulated and heading for an inevitable crash
Either way, I might as well make the most of it!

Current site: Indie Pop Cares A Lot. Need a good reason to give a few quid to the Oxfam tsunami relief fund? You're a soulless monster. But a soulless monster with a free CD, so it's all good.
Added bonus: I originally mistyped that as 'Indie Pope Cares A Lot'. I'm pretty sure that was me picking up on divine inspiration intended for the Vatican. Morrissey for Pope!

Roleplaying. I spend a few hours a week pretending to be someone short, foul-mouthed and amoral. It's escapist fantasy!

* No assurance is implied or intended.
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