Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

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  • Sun, 11:53: RT @kerihw: Remember, if the Queen comes out onto the balcony and sees her own shadow that means 12 more weeks of drizzle.
  • Sun, 15:25: RT @DMReporter: REVEALED: How leaving #Euro2016 early could save taxpayers £3,500,000 a week in wages for fat cats that’s better spent on t…
  • Sun, 15:29: RT @SoVeryBritish: Today's weather: Hot grey
  • Sun, 15:31: RT @_Enanem_: - I'm listening to a section of the drumming on a White Stripes album. - Some Meg White? - No, that's albumen.
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